About us

Overview: In today’s ever changing transportation industry, success is often driven by one’s capability to drive business growth through diverse channels! At AJIT TRANSPORT we specialize in that and more! Building quality resources for over 25 years to strengthen segments of an organization has been a hallmark to expanding coverage across North America.

About Us

Our Mission is to take any challenge presented and to take it head on. To keep fighting when we have no fight. To keep going when we cannot go anymore. To believe and to take risks. Our goal is simply to be better than yesterday.Continuous work towards increasing employment while paying attention towards reducing costs and increasing profit is always a priority.

With hard work, honesty, and consistency we have big goals for the company. We are currently in expansion and have projects we plan to launch in the coming future. Our mindset revolves around being Proactive rather than Reactive in any given situation. This being reinforced by having an environment in which we emphasize Positivity and Teamwork. Which is why sky is the limit for Ajit Transport Inc.

What we offer?

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    Transport Services United States

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    Transport Services Canada

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    Fleet Of Trailers Service

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    Fleet Of Vehicle Service

Expanding transportation and Logistics solutions has been a continued focus for the Ajit Transport Inc.team. It is at the forefront of providing to their valued customers an asset based and logistics services by simply achieving excellence with a profusion of equipment options to best suit your transportation needs in a timely fashion such as reefer units, dry vans, flatbeds, 3Axle temperature-controlled units, heavy haul, Intermodal or even Local LTL with our newly acquired Straight Body Trucks. Our criteria of intensive selection of driversand transport partners have been cultivated to provide our customers undeniable stellar performance highlighting Ajit Transports Inc excellence in the transportation industry andcommitment to customer satisfaction.

Some of our logistics services we specialize in are LTL, dedicated, short-term storage, cross-docking, expedited, intermodal, hazardous materials/dangerous goods plus much more. Outsourcing the end-to-end management of logistics services can prove to be beneficial not only for its cost-savings but also for ease of mind.

At Ajit Transport, with our years of experience guided our team to wise and valuable logistics answers frequently tend to be developed on intermodal facilities. At Ajit Transport we provides our customers the engineering, techniques and information which offer them with schedule for advised decision-making. No matter if these are transporting in one or across several settings, our customers take advantage of our capability to prolong their achievement, deliver them costs control, and supply them with the versatility they might have to acquire their products to their clients in a timely manner and cost effective. Intermodal is furthermore an eco-friendly option for Ajit, reducing carbon footprints by to the same.We provide consumers door to door, multi-modal transport of ISO container and related facilities all through North America.

What motivates us?

For our team, this is not just business, it is PERSONAL. Outside of work, we talk about work. At the dinner table, it is only work talk and if we had a long day then we have an even longer night.
This company is what gives our family food on the table. This company is what make our team a family. Whether our coworkers are blood relatives or not, once you are part of the team you will never be alone. Knowing what we stand for, knowing where the name comes from and the ties connected to the name is surreal. It is enough to make you want to work 24 hours in a day and still feel like you have not worked enough.

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    Our drivers and administrators are committed to excellence in road transport and customer service.

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    Our drivers are recruited based on industry specific criteria such as driving record, driver experience, training, and team spirit.

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    Our family-like, hands-on atmosphere means there’s more than one person aware of your goods.

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    Our disciplined and experienced team is committed to excellence for an on time delivery service is our specialty.

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Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting. A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.