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For our team, this is not just business, it is PERSONAL. Outside of work, we talk about work. At the dinner table, it is only work talk and if we had a long day then we have an even longer night.

This company is what gives our family food on the table. This company is what make our team a family. Whether our coworkers are blood relatives or not, once you are part of the team you will never be alone. Knowing what we stand for, knowing where the name comes from and the ties connected to the name is surreal. It is enough to make you want to work 24 hours in a day and still feel like you have not worked enough.



We are able to provide complete and reliable transport services for FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) for all type of goods to North American clientele. Our disciplined and experienced team is committed to excellence for an on time delivery service is our specialty.

AJIT has a recent-model fleet of 45 trucks and 80 trailers to operate in most of the States in U.S. and Canada’s provinces. We offer competitive freight rates for various types of goods, based on weight, volume, the distance travelled, and the frequency of loads. We do provide intermodal services for all Montreal to Toronto and Toronto to Montreal according to customer requirements. Warehouse storage and cross dock and facilities are available to facilitate customer needs.

Transport Services United States

We provide FTL (full truckload) road transport services for all type of goods from and to the U.S.

Transport Services CANADA

We provide FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) road transport services for all type of goods in most of Canada’s provinces.

Fleet Of Vehicle Service

In order to satisfy your road transport requirements, we possess a recent (less than 5 years) fleet of units including 45 highway trucks and 80 trailers.

Fleet Of Trailers Service

All trailers are high-capacity, 53′ (high cubes) trailers, equipped with air-ride suspension.

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